What makes LEA different?

LEA Bike Rack is an innovative solution to bike parking and storage. This wall-mounted rack is made from Nordic marine-graded alloy with excellent engineering properties (also read: “they built tanks and ships with it”.)

It saves space by cradling your bicycle in an upright position. Safe, secure and easy to use with no need to lift your bike to hang it, just roll it on and off.

The only surface contact is on your tires, protecting your precious frame and rims from scratches. The angled position of the handlebars allow bicycles to be stored close to one another without alternating the heights for clearance, making it convenient to use, keeping things looking tidy and organised. LEA comes with a built-in weatherproof cable, just bring your own lock.

The bicycling world has a problem and the solution is in Cape Town.


New infrastructure? Do you want to incorporate the LEA Bike Rack into your development?

We can help by visiting your site, doing an assessment and advise on placements. We also offer an installation service.

For large scale installations on developments we often fly nationally. Our LEA Bike Racks have been installed at commercial and residential developments across the country to help buildings achieve Green Star Status.


LEA Bike rack